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Yum Seng Party

Discounts and privileges available:
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About Yum Seng Party

Yum Seng Party's Website

In Singapore, you can hear the vivacious roar of “Yummmm Seng” literally during any celebratory occasions of any sort – whether it be a wedding or birthday or even just a after work gathering among friends.

To us, the Yum Seng roar represents a Sound of Happiness and it is totally in order to have a drink or two during a Party, hence the name of our website.

Yum Seng Party is the Retail Arm of a Wine & Spirits Wholesaler which has been established since 2009 and the Company decided to hop on to the E- Commerce bandwagon to provide a friendlier and more approachable platform and reach out to the general public.

Being a Wholesaler, Yum Seng Party is able to supply your Alcohol needs at prices that is more competitive than what Consumers can get off the shelves in brick and mortar retail stores.

Yum Seng Party holds a wide impressive range of Wines & Spirits with over 300 products listed and also provides some other compatible beverages for the adventurous Bartender in you, such as the Finest Call range where you can easily just whip up a Margarita by simply adding Vodka and Finest Call Margarita Pre-Mix.

To complete the shopping experience, Yum Seng Party even lists Bar Accessories and Novelty Products for everyone who is looking for a Gift for Friends and Business Associates and collaborates with various Service Providers such as Night Valet Services and Deejay Services.

All our Consumers needs to do is to quote Yum Seng Party and they will get a discount from these Service Providers who normally does not provide discounts at all.

For Corporate Companies or Events, Yum Seng Party is also able to cater their bulk order needs at any point of time.

At Yum Seng Party, building long term business relationships is important and certainly, the people behind this Online Store remains hopeful that they can achieve and maintain this belief and continue to work with people who believes the same.

After all, who does not wish to taste Happiness and Celebrate to Everything Good in Life?


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