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About Yoğart Shop

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Handcrafted frozen yoghurt inspired to delight our community. Fashion Your Enjoyment with carefully selected toppings & homemade sauces. 
Yoğart sets itself apart with its “Back to Basics” principles. The inspiration behind naming the brand, originates from the Turkish word “yoğurt” (which means yoghurt), and “art” to capture the artisanal handcrafted essence found in each individual yoghurt offerings in the store.
Yoğart cultures yoghurt in-store with no premix used, in its very own laboratory. This means Yoğart is able to turn up the tartness in-store and cut down on sweetness, whilst delivering to its customers the best in taste and freshness. As yoghurt is made from scratch, the lab crew at Yoğart confidently creates innovative and “instaworthy” artisanal popsicles, apart from the soft serve frozen yoghurt. For those wanting a heartier dessert, there is a premium waffle offering with frozen yoghurt, fresh fruits and in-house sauces.
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