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Unique Speed

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 20% off regular-priced accessories
  • 10% off regular-priced P.E.Ts (inclusive of 1- Year local warranty, complimentary helmet, protector sets and training).
  • FREE Trial Training!* (no purchase required)

About Unique Speed

Unique Speed's Website
Buy | Rent | Repair | Event Services of Personal Electric Transporters (P.E.Ts)
At Unique Speed, we believe getting from one place to another should be fun, effortless and efficient, and that everyone should experience the joy of riding in a good quality Personal Electronic Transporter (P.E.T). 

We want everyone to feel the same passion and excitement that we do when we take our P.E.T for a ride! Going to places have never been easier with US!

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to find out more about our affordable services such as short and long-term rental (as low as $0.50/day!), repairs of PMDs and events!