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Star Cinnamon

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 2 pcs for $4.50 (10%) and 3 pcs for $6 (20%)

About Star Cinnamon

Star Cinnamon's Website

What exactly do we do at Star Cinnamon?

3 years ago, we begin to work on the development of a soft and fluffy cinnamon rolls concepts that will be the next big hit in Singapore. It took 3 year of changes and twitting for the right texture, flavours and concept before we perfected the Star Cinnamon rolls. The soft rolls with caramelised cinnamon sugar and creamy butter is topped with our signature melted cheese, sticky caramel or our home make chocolate fudge that will keep you craving for more. Available in more than 20 flavours.


Located at:

Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street B1-K2, Singapore 188021