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Nobiro Izakaya

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  • 20% discount on all menu items!

About Nobiro Izakaya

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Hungry just from the pictures above? Grab this chance to visit Nobiro Izakaya and their specialties today!

Why the name Nobiro, you ask, what does it mean? A close, trustworthy Japanese friend told us Nobiro means ‘to sprout’ and reminded us to always remember our roots and soar.

Falling in love with freshly charcoal-grilled yakitori in Japan gave us the passion to want to share the beauty and simplicity of yakitori. From fresh chicken, seafood to seasonal fresh Japanese vegetables, we strive to leave you hankering for more together with a new-found appreciation for yakitori.

At Nobiro, we take pride in our extensive range of rare boutique sakes, shochu and Japanese beers which would be perfect to pair with the delicious yakitori sticks. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that your visit gets an experience that you will fondly remember.