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My Daily Skincare

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 20% for 3 months for all Kuan Yuan Lian products listed on websites
  • Promo code “NUSOFF20” must be applied at My Daily Skincare’s checkout page for the discount to occur: http://www.mydailysc.com
  • Promo code “MYDANUS” must be applied at Shopee Singapore’s checkout page for the
  • discount to occur: https://shopee.sg/mydailyskincare

About My Daily Skincare

My Daily Skincare's Website

At My Daily Skincare, we believe in the power of good quality, authentic and proven skincare products.

Born on the little red dot in June 2017, with the vision to be the beauty hub of the world, My Daily Skincare is a Singapore based company that works directly with the product companies. Our relationships bring the best quality products possible to you. Being on a bustling sunny island bombarded by harmful UV all year round, we understand the importance to take good and proper daily skincare to maintain the youthful look in you.

Although not everyone is born with natural beauty, with a perfect flawless skin. My Daily Skincare believes that a good skin care products can definitely make up these “congenital deficiency” or “years of claw marks.” Not only this, a good skin care products are often many people’s secret fountain of youth. And My Daily Skincare’s mission is to bring good, high-efficiency products of global reputation to everyone.

Your beauty is our responsibility, let My Daily Skincare and you start your beauty journey together!