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Discounts and privileges available:
  • 50% off first order of MenstruHeat subscription by using code <NUSTYLE> at checkout. Subsequent orders will be charged at full price.

About MenstruHeat

MenstruHeat's Website

MenstruHeat is a portable and convenient heat releasing patch made for women. It is formulated to release just the right amount of heat so that you get maximum comfort and relief from menstrual pain. 

MenstruHeat is designed not just to prevent the pain from hurting us, but also to provide a soothing comfort and support when you need it most, just like how your best friend would be there for you when you need them.

Sometimes we feel that it is okay to just wait out the pain. But wouldn’t you want to do more, achieve more? MenstruHeat allows you to do just that. Put on MenstruHeat to your abdomen, feel the comforting heat and start rocking your world. Never lose a day – where you can be a better you.