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Killiney @ ICON Pasir panjang

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 10% off for everything on menu except for alcohol, including set lunch
  • 1 for 1 for pasta

About Killiney @ ICON Pasir panjang

At Killiney Kopitiam, we provide quality products at reasonable prices, with the added touch of traditional kopitiam-styled service.

Located along the busy streets of Killiney Road, the existing shop front was founded in late 1919. Back then, while it was an antiquated yet humble shop, its famous bread toast and warm beverages was popular among many people. Though it was just an ordinary Hainanese Kopitiam, it promised well-brewed coffee and tea, not to mention traditional charcoal-grilled bread toast. Mr. Woon, a regular customer of the shop, loved it so much that he wished to own it. In 1993, the dream became reality when he finally bought the shop, renovated it and renamed it ‘Killiney Kopitiam‘.

When T.S. Woon took over the reins of management, he believed that it was crucial to uphold the legacy. Despite major renovations to the shop front, the present coffee shop retains the traditional working style and influence. A key factor, for which he is very grateful, lies in the three workers who have stayed on and helped him, by means of passing on their skills in making good kaya, bread toast, coffee and tea. His idea is to preserve traditional Hainanese food in Singapore, which is, sadly, slowly disappearing from the market.

The Company’s growth has been progressive over the past decade and with the strong and loyal support from our patrons, we have evolved into a strongly identifiable local brand and icon. In addition, we have also unwittingly created a strong following among local coffee aficionados and the breakfast club. Today, Killiney Kopitiam has an extended menu offering a wider variety of local delicacies. We have also expanded to other parts of Singapore so as to be closer to you, our valued customer.