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Discounts and privileges available:
  • Students enjoy 15% discount or 3 Free toppings

About Affinitea

Affinitea's Website

“Time governs our past, present and future.

With it comes histories, memories and experiences.


Our expertise in refining and selecting only natural and

premium quality tea leaves has been around for decades,

which is what differentiates us from other tea brewers.


Over the years we have earned ourselves a strong

reputation in the food and beverage industry for offering

healthy and delicious tea. We take pride in the high

standards and quality of the services that we offer.


We believe that it is also fate and destiny that brought

you to us. Therefore, we hope to always leave you with

the best of experiences and memories when leaving our



In time we hope to build a strong relationship and

connection with you and help you discover your affinity

in drinking freshly brewed tea.”