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Eleven Eleven

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 80% off selected frame if they make purchase of computer blue coat or transition lenses
  • 50% off selected sunglasses purchase
  • Free of charge house screening for contact lens fitting and delivery with the purchase of contact lenses (Refer to attached document at the bottom for promotional prices of
  • contact lenses)

About Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven's Website

Eleven Eleven is an aspiring mobile team to provide comprehensive eye care services to people in any parts of Singapore. We are now looking into the social needs that Singapore is lacking. People in Singapore don’t usually go for a comprehensive eye check once a year as required. 7 to 8 out of 10 will say they only go for eye check when they can’t see properly. This is very alarming as 1 out of these 8 people might develop vision loss that is irreversible.

Recently, a surgeon in UK found 27 contact lenses stuck in a 67 years old patient’s eye. She did not visit an Optometrist regularly even when she felt discomfort. This is a good lesson learnt and this might happen to us too if the public is not aware of the importance of having an eye check once every year.

Hence, we hope to spread the awareness of having an eye check done on an annual basis and improving the eye care standard in Singapore. To achieve this aim, we will be doing roadshows, corporate, school and house screenings to expose to more of our target audience.

The concerns, people always have are they don’t have sufficient time to go for checks or it is really costly to go for a comprehensive eye check (cost hundred to have both anterior and posterior eye assessed). However, we were found to solve these concerns. We aim to provide affordable comprehensive eye examination at your own convenience at your doorstep.

We only have 2 eyes, so let’s don’t take vision for granted. Some damage will only show when you age later, so early protection is the key.