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Chicken Up

Discounts and privileges available:
  • 50% off Chicken Up cooking classes on Saturday and Sunday
  • These discounts/privileges stated are offered at: - http://www.chicken-up.com/#cooking-class

About Chicken Up

Chicken Up's Website
Experience the diversity of Korean cuisine in a hands-on cooking class.

Chicken Up provides cooking class for those who never cooked or don’t know how to cook at all, to learn the fundamental skills of cooking Korean dishes with our chef, Chef Gao Yong. Our chef provides guidance on every step as you create your menu. After your cooking lesson, you can taste the delicious plates.

At Chicken Up’s cooking class, you can make new friends by interacting with other participants and instructor and enhance your cooking knowledge by exchanging cooking tips with other participants. We also do cooking class for corporate, private and team buildings.

You’ll discover the secrets to making popular Korean dishes in our 2-hour hands-on cooking class every weekend from 3PM until 5PM at Chicken Up Centrepoint.

For reservation or advanced registration, email [email protected] or register by signing up online by clicking this link: http://www.chicken-up.com/#cooking-class.